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eClass Information:

Southern Stitches is proud to offer a new concept in smocking classes! I am now offering eClass Instruction for students who want to learn Smocking and Heirloom Sewing in the privacy of their own home and on their own time frame!

I teach with an attention to detail and technique. There are many who teach heirloom sewing & smocking classes, but not all classes are created equal - learning a technique correctly from the start will go a long ways in having great results that you can be proud of. Proper technique is soooo important and I will teach that, along with my tips!

I have created an affordable online class where my students can attend class on their own time and still have the ability to go back and re-visit any lesson they desire and ask the teacher questions forever. Having that ability is unheard of in a traditional class - if you miss a lesson, well, you've just missed it. You've not only missed the class, but you've missed all the discussion, which is a vital part of any class. One of my goals is that I want my students to have the ability to ask questions, post photos and communicate with others that are all part of that class. That's where I will be creating a Facebook group for my students only! That is in addition to the private, password-protected eClassroom where students access their PDF and Video files for the eClass. Isn't that awesome?  

Teaching Credentials: I have over 30 years experience in Smocking & Heirloom Sewing Technique. Attention to detail is my forte. I was a Commissioned Designer for Sew Beautiful Magazine from 2004 - 2014. I have taught many to smock, along with teaching heirloom techniques in my online videos, as well as individually and small groups.

Smocked Tapered Bonnet eClass with Bonus instruction in Heirloom Sewing

Make a Smocked Tapered Bonnet from start to finish using my Smocked Tapered Bonnet ePattern, which is included in the eClass. The following will be covered in this eClass: 

  • PDF Pattern Prep

    Fabric Prep

    Pleating with or without a pleater

       1. How to thread a pleater

       2. How to use dots and pick up pleats

    Roll, Whip & Apply Lace in one step

    Heirloom Sewing Techniques

       1. Pin Stitch

       2. Lace Insertion + Pin Stitch

  • Basic Smocking Stitches

       1. The Cable Stitch

       2. The Wave Stitch

       3. Flowettes - Single & Double

       4. Lazy Daisy Stitch

    Bonus Smocking Stitches

       1. Bullion Flower

    Finishing the Bonnet 

       1. Ribbon Rosettes 


After payment, you will have access to a password-protected page with private videos and PDF files, which includes my Smocked Tapered Bonnet ePattern and the smocking plate we will use in this eClass. Your access to the lessons lasts forever, your links will not expire and they are connected exclusively to you. Southern Stitches Designs has a Facebook page where you can post questions and photos and communicate with other students in the eClass. The Facebook group is optional, not required.

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  • Southern Stitches Smocked Tapered Bonnet eClass
    Southern Stitches Smocked Tapered Bonnet eClass
    Southern Stitches Smocked Tapered Bonnet eClass


Don't have a pleater? Don't want to pleat by hand? Order a pre-pleated bonnet and I will ship it to you so you are ready to to finish!

NOTE: You will add your own lace to the brim edge and insertion if desired - lace is not included in the kit, even tho it is shown in the photo. The brim edge will be left unfinished and pleating threads will be left long so that you can easily finish off edge to your desire. Casing edge is serged so that once smocking is complete, you can turn under and stitch your casing. Ribbon for casing and ties is included with the kit.

Please Note: Allow 1-2 weeks for kit to be shipped (most often they can be shipped in a couple days, but other times it could take up to 2 weeks.

BRD Ready-to-Smock Bonnet
BRD Ready-to-Smock Bonnet