• Shadow Work Machine Embroidery Monograms

    Create beautiful shadow work embroidery in a fraction of the time it takes to do by hand! All my machine shadow work is created to look like it was created by hand, but it's created in a snap on the machine! Please note: Not all machine shadow work is created like Southern Stitches...I believe mine are unique and most replicate that of hand shadow work. As an heirloom stitcher, I have paid careful attention to the under stitches so that they closely replicate the open herringbone stitch that you would see on hand shadow work. All my machine shadow work designs stitch out beautifully and only a trained eye will be able to tell the difference between hand and machine! Please note you MUST follow my detailed instructions to get the correct results. All machine formats available!
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    A special PDF instructional file is included showing how to create my machine shadow work and how to combine designs as shown above.

  • Shadow Work Fancy Bows Monogram set. This gorgeous set includes all uppercase letters in size approx. 1.75". This is just the perfect size for infant & children's items, hankies, or women's blouses. The set includes 2 frames to fit the letters and 4 bows (1 bow is in 2 sizes) Bows & frames are created to work with the letters and also will perfectly fit on the back of "Brer Rabbit's Button Bonnet" (ePattern available).

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  • Belle Anne Monogram is a unique monogram set that combines shadow work with satin. This set includes 2 fonts in 2 sizes, giving you 104 letters!  Shadow work monograms are 3.5" and 2.5". The Satin Center Monogram are sized 3.5" and 4.5". A special PDF instructional file is included showing how to create the machine shadow work and how to combine the letters to create a monogram.

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  • hollymonogram