NEW! Holiday Embroidery Designs! 

Perfect design for the mathamatician! Design is 2.66 x 3.90 

Sketch Monogram Ornament(s) Set 1 - this monogram set has each letter automatically placed into the ornament! Size of each monogram ornament is approx. 3 inches high by 2.25 inches wide. You also have the option of purchasing just the frame by itself with no lettering so that you can add your own and as a bonus I made the frame in 2 sizes 3x2.5 and *4.5 x 3.5 (*approx size)!

Sketch Monogram Ornament Frame 2 - this monogram frame is in two sizes. 

*Sample monogram is "Elegance" by Southern Stitches and is not included in this set. 

 NOTE: Monogram Lettering is not included with the frames. Monogram used in sample is "Elegance"

Christmas Sketch Designs - $2 per design or $10 set

Applique Reindeer - 2 sizes - 6.69" x 5.06" and 5.31" x 4.02"  

Fancy Scallop Block Monogram - includes 4 sizes - 2.5", 3.5", 4.5" & 5.5" Letters A, K, L, R & T have 2 styles for each size. 

 Stippling Christmas Designs are in 2 sizes - click on the photo gallery to see larger photos and design size information.

These Stippling Christmas designs are sized to work with my Vintage Dots Monogram (sold separately) I have created a few samples for you to see how the monogram works in nicely with the design!

Order below photo gallery. Two options to buy - individual or money-saving set!

 Fancy Merry Christmas - each design is in 2 sizes - click on photo gallery for larger photos and design information.

Order below photo gallery -Two options to buy - individual or money-saving set!

 Reindeer Scene Bean Stitch Design - you can purchase designs individually or the entire scene!

Size of Reindeer 1 is 8.27 x 4.01    Size of Tree is 6.74 x 5.08     Size of Reindeer 2 is 4.01 x 4.13