Classic Vintage & Vintage-Inspired
Children’s Garments

Southern Stitches offers genuine vintage & vintage-inspired handmade garments that compliment the beauty of childhood. Timeless style & luxurious fabric are combined to create unique vintage-inspired heirloom pieces that will be enjoyed for generations. All items are handmade by me, right here in the USA, using quality fabrics and laces!

The Peter Rabbit Classic Collection - Baby Beatrix LayettE

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Boy's Smocked Daygown & Smocked Cap Set

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  • More Photos Coming - Smocked Bonnet is included with this Set 

COMING Girl's Smocked Daygown & Smocked Bonnet Set

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    Applique Diaper Set - Boy

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    Shadow Word Diaper SET - BOY

Diaper Sets for girls coming soon!

2 Sizes Available - 6mos And 12 Mos

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    Very Unique Vintage-Inspired One-Piece Romper for Boys Available in 3 sizes

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  • Bloomers are included with this set & photos will be posted soon!

Vintage-inspired Heirloom Dress - size 12mos

Several Heirloom Dress Styles will be added
as they become available